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The Beauty of Laser Etched Glass

Posted by Celia Fraser on

The Beauty of Laser Etched Glass

There's something about etched glass that gives an added allure to designs. The results can be super stunning and can elevate a jug, drinks glass, mirror or signage to a new level. 

Loveday is a distillery within a couple of miles of us in Penryn, on the Cornish coast. We've recently enjoyed etching their botanical print on to some recycled glassware (below). They were so pleased with the results that they then asked us to etch the demijohn bottles you see above. We think the look fantastic, especially with the sunlight shining through them.

We get the best results when the etching is applied to a surface without a taper to it. This ensures we achieve a consistent finish as the laser head can stay at the same height above the object as it etches. And please note that we aren't set up to cut through glass.

Where a design wraps around the outside we turn the object, using a rotary attachment on the laser cutting machine.

There's sometimes a bit of extra prep-work before we start etching because we need to add some tape to the area first. We etch through that tape and then the design stays nice and crisp. It's a process we've honed over the years and 

Below is a glass table top we etched for our friends at Sunbeam Jackie.

We don't tend to stock glassware ourselves but we can help advise where you might source that from. But you're also welcome to share details of anything you might have in mind before you purchase it yourself. And we can let you know by return whether we think it will work well or not using our laser process. We can also run you a quote if you share your artwork. 

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