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Our Mission

What we do and why we do it.

Cut By Beam is a team of creative engineers and designers who use lasers to help companies bring their ideas to life. We create tangible objects, signs and products and believe that quality is the key to longevity and we always try to use our expertise to inspire excellence.  

We are a female led business.

It shouldn’t matter at all that Cut By Beam is run by women, but it matters a lot to us that it is. We don’t make a big thing of it, but our customers know and appreciate the difference. We work together and there is no hierarchy in our process; we all do what needs doing and we make decisions collaboratively.”

We don't do throwaway.

We help people to create things that will be used, kept and cherished, so we always try and use sustainable materials to create objects that will last and endure. We have become specialists in engraving and etching products that are robust alternatives to single use materials. From mugs and travel cups to water-bottles and event signage, our clients know that we’ll help them to minimise their impact on the planet and maximise their impact on the world.  

We use wood and metal whenever we can and try to only use plastics for objects that have a long and useful life. We reuse as many of our off-cuts as possible, not just to save our clients money, but also for our own personal creative projects. We love to do more with less because everyone knows that less is more.  

Creativity as a force for good.

We believe that creative thinking is the foundation to minimising the impact our work has on the environment. With every client from artists to adventurers, we always ask ‘how can we do this better?’

Our favourite question is ‘can you do something with this?’ Give us a design, a sketch, an object, a scrap of unusual material or even better, an unrealised idea, and we’ll always be up for the challenge. Occasionally fragility or scale might rein us in, but usually the answer to the question is ‘yes, what if we did it this way?’ 

The Cornish Renaissance.

Cornwall lacks skilled jobs for young and creative people so we deliberately established Cut By Beam to help make a difference. We put training and skill-sharing at the centre of the way we work so we all benefit together. We are very proud to be part of an ever-growing group of young, dynamic and principled companies that want to live and work sustainably in Cornwall. We work together, we play together and we support each other, because this is our home and because that’s how you build strong communities.