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Get Noticed With Great Signage.

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Signage by Cut By Beam in Cornwall

The world's full of signs. So we know you'll want to make yours stand out for the right reasons!

From our workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall we can cut and etch your signage so it helps your customers 'get' your brand, and understand the messages you are trying to get across; whether that's directions, a warm welcome to your business or the nitty gritty on something such as a wall mounted food menu. 

We can be super flexible on helping you achieve the look you are after. Bear in mind that whilst we aren't traditional signwriters, and don't get involved with installation of signs, what we can offer is a service which is not run of the mill.

Most clients say the results they get from us, go beyond their expectations and they get very excited when they take delivery of work from us.

It's up to you if you want to supply your own material or if you'd like us to source that. For outdoor signs we do a lot in marine ply, but we can also etch on to hard woods e.g. if you have a beautiful piece of timber you would like us to use then - as long as it will fit on our machine, and its got a fairly flat surface - then it should be doable.

Our max laser bed size is 1200 x 900mm but we can sometimes move a sheet through the machine, etching areas at a time. So it could be a lot longer, depending on how easy it is to etch your design in sections like that.

For interior signs we often use birch plywood or a veneered MDF (see Kamba Coffee one above) as it gives a nice pale background for any etching to clearly contrast with.

We can also paint the surface of ply and etch through that paint to give another interesting finish. Something which we have done on the menu for our friends at Kern (see below). We used blackboard paint so that Kris & Maren could update their prices whenever they liked, rather than getting a new board made up each time.

We can also make signs from metal (see the example on copper below) or recycled materials such as acrylic or fabric. And if you want the option of spray painting your signs on things repeatedly, we could make you a stencil from wood or mylar.

We often make A Frames for cafes, shops etc. too. You can order those directly from our webshop if you'd like one of the standard sizes. But otherwise, we can quote for more bespoke, or bulk orders.

So if you've got an idea for signage, and maybe you keep putting it off, why not use our Contact page to give us your initial thoughts? And then we'll help you get the ball rolling. In no time at all you should have some lovely new signs to display.

"So pleased with our company sign. Thank you to the lovely ladies at #cutbybeam for all your help!" Quote from Cavalry Home

"Signage is a key marketing tool for brick and mortar businesses, with it being the very first impression passers by (potential customers) have of your brand. This is particularly important for Talay Thai because their restaurant is situated on the first floor, so signage needs to grab attention from the street below. We had Jenny Shipley from @cutbybeam produce the laser cut signage on the front of the building." Quote from Meor Design






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