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Personalised enamel mugs - laser cut by Cut By Beam

Information Needed for a Laser Cutting Quote

Essential details required for quotes and confirmed orders:

Additional things to consider:

How big is it? 

We have three different machines on site, with varying bed sizes.

The maximum working area of 1200mm x 900mm for a single file but some machines are better suited to certain materials. So contact us before setting up any artwork layouts and we can advise.

Measurements in mm please. 

Are you supplying the materials?

We hold stock of most basic plywoods, but you’re welcome to provide your own materials.
If you need something more specific, we would encourage you to source it yourself. Leather, for instance, can vary in colour between batches. So we prefer customers to purchase and be happy with that before giving to us. 

How many do you want?

We can work with most numbers from 1 to 10,000. Sometimes, as you increase quantities, the price per unit will reduce. But not always, because some projects are more labour intensive and take the same amount of time to do each individual piece, regardless of whether you order one item or 100 (e.g. glass bottle etching, large signs).

Turnaround times.

Our turnaround can vary from a day to weeks depending on our workload. If you have a tight deadline please make us aware of it as soon as possible. A surcharge for a super fast turnaround may be quoted for.

Most projects can be done within 7 working days.  

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