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Laser cutting processes can achieve lots of different finishes.

We can etch, engrave and cut a huge range of materials and have access to a CNC machine now which allows us to cut more complex and thicker shapes.


We most frequently work with wood. But here are a few other interesting materials that you might like to consider.


We can get super intricate with paper.

Just like these illustrations we cut for Nicole Heidaripour.


We can mark a variety of metals, either directly or using a marking compound. We are able to create a range of finishes including some colour. This copper signage we did for Seedlip Drinks. Note that we can't cut metal so you (or we) will need to source something in the size required.

Laser Cut Leather Clothing Labels


We've cut out leather pieces for artisan bag makers, name tags, keyrings and patches such as these for one of our favourite clients - Hiut Denim..

Laser Cut Leather Clothing Labels

Mirror / Glassware

Etching on to glassware or mirrors can be really effective. From individual, personalised commissions, to bulk orders for items such as hotel water jugs.

Laser Cut Etching on cork


From key rings like these for Finisterre, to placemats, cup holders and noticeboards, cork works well when laser etched.

Laser Cut Concrete


Another material you might not have considered. Made of waste product from Cornwall's clay mining industry, these are bee bricks produced by the award winning firm Green & Blue.

Laser Cut Rubber Stamps


We most frequently use rubber to make stamps. Such as this one for the wonderful sock makers A Woven Plane.

Laser Cut Rubber Stamps


A pretty special piece of signage for High Meadows Stationery. We always use Green Cast clear acrylic which is 100% recycled. 

Laser Cut Rubber Stamps


Slate shows a good contrast, as in this roof tile we made into a sign for ourselves.