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Cut By Beam Sees Increase In Wooden Conference Badge Orders

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Cut By Beam Sees Increase In Wooden Conference Badge Orders

Conferences in 2023 are hopefully set to be more eco-friendly than ever. We've had a lot of enquiries this year from organisers who want to use more sustainable materials for things such as name badges and signage.

We're used to laser cutting wooden medals and awards for sporting events but we're struck by how many corporate or charity events are now thinking more carefully about the mass items they need for their attendees. The thought of handing out more single-use plastic goes against their (and our) company ethos and Cut By Beam can, for instance, turn around batches of individually named badges within about 10 days' notice.

Clients we have done name badges for over a number of years, include the Oxford Real Farming Conference #orfc and Surfers Against Sewage.


Wooden Name Badges

Just send us your logo, an idea of your design, size and any attachments (pins, magnetic strips, ribbons etc.) and a list of your delegates in a spreadsheet. We'll then do the rest. Price-wise you'll find that our laser cut name badges are very competitive when compared to their plastic counterparts; often cheaper. If you have a few last minute sign-ups we can always do the bulk run in advance and add any extras closer to your deadline.



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