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Leather Patches

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Leather Patches

We've worked with the lovely team at Merchant & Mills for the past year. Another example of a business to business relationship which we've been fortunate to attract.

Merchant & Mills are based in Sussex but our connection was established through their collaboration with our Argal Farm neighbours and friends at Francli. The team at Merchant & Mills sell a sought-after downloadable pattern with all the instructions on making a Francli Day Pack. Yes, you can buy one ready made, but imagine the satisfaction of making your own!

We have a smallish role in the overall project, but we love the involvement at any level. Merchant & Mills asked us to cut and etch some leather labels to sell as an optional extra for their pattern buyers. 

These laser cut patches are made from the leather off-cuts and scraps from the Francli studio. They promise to add a sophisticated branding to the finished packs. 

Leather is just one of the many materials we can cut and etch at Cut By Beam. Get in touch via our Contact form if you would like us to quote for you. With a minimum order charge of just £15+vat we can handle small or large jobs, regardless of your requirements.




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