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A Frame Signage

Posted by Celia Fraser on

A Frame Signage

A-frame signs are a great way to attract the attention of people walking past your business or event. They can contribute significantly to encouraging customers to come inside your premises, whether that's a café, restaurant, shop or temporary pop-up.

They are a cost effective way to create portable and highly visible signage and at Cut By Beam, out of our workshop in the Cornish countryside, we make a lot of them for a variety of clients. See the one we recently made for the Welsh Shire Coffee Company above, or for the Old Custom House, formerly in St. Ives.

We understand that these signs often need to be outside in all weather conditions, and so must be both sturdy and rain-resistant. We make our A-frames from marine plywood and give them a treatment of oil before they leave us to enhance the final look, but that also helps with their longevity. It's a great idea if you then top up that finish now and again on site, depending on how much use they get.

We add strong hinges on the top where the sides join together, and a metal hook and eye on the edge to stop them over-extending. For an extra small charge, we can add a black-board paint section to allow you to write temporary messages on the boards when necessary.

If you go to our Web Shop you'll notice that there are options on the thickness of the wood you might like. As well as receiving your A-Frame assembled or not. 

CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR A-FRAME or feel free to ask for a bulk price by using our Contact page. We can offer discounts if you are having more than one A-frame created from the same design.

Don't forget we can do other signage too. Just use our Contact page to enquire and get a bespoke quote.






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