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Nest building for your business

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Nest building for your business

I don’t think the Cut By Beam team are alone in finding comfort and moments of escape listening to birdsong at the moment. Watching the birds hop around, dig for grubs and get on with their nest building has been a welcome reassurance that life has not stopped.

This batch of blue tit enamel mugs we etched for Lou Tonkin seems a nice representation of that and what better way is there to enjoy a moment outside than being accompanied by a lovely cup of tea.

Working 'on' your business

For many of our clients, coronavirus has forced them to start working 'on' their business a little more, rather than necessarily 'in' it; ensuring their nests are in good shape, as it were, to move forward once the lockdown eases.

Some are catching up on jobs they may have been putting off for a while but will stand them in good stead in the future. Whether that's putting in better processes, stock checking or reviewing supply chains. Others are diversifying or enhancing existing areas which now seem more appropriate or sustainable.

Whilst this time can of course be stressful in so many ways, it can also offer opportunities. It's encouraging to see the creative thinking which is leading to exciting new projects, and which Cut By Beam can sometimes also play a part in.

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