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Huge Demand for Enamel Mugs

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Huge Demand for Enamel Mugs

We're etching a lot of enamel mugs at the moment.

With more cafés and shops opening up again after lockdown, many businesses have asked us to add their designs to the sides or bases of the blanks that we stock. They make great gifts as well as promotional tools for brands, artists or charities.

We tend to stock white or cream, 8cm diameter, mugs. And offer a range of different coloured rims. You're free to mix and match those colours if you can't decide which ones you'd prefer!

They're dishwasher and oven safe (up to 270 degrees Celsius). Our standard max engraving area on the sides is 55 x 55mm. But we are always happy to run a bespoke quote if clients want something larger. And you're welcome to pop an etch on both sides of the mug or even underneath. We just can't etch the insides. 

Single Fin Company red rim enamel mug

We're also happy to provide an 'etch-only' quote if you would like to source your own enamelware. Whether that be mugs, plates, bowls, etc. However, please bear in mind that lighter colours are more effective. Designs show up as tones of black, so if you have a darker background, the etch will not be as high in contrast. The mug below is a good example of the different effects you can achieve from using shades of black.

One of the biggest orders we've taken this spring was from Pavilion Bakery in London. They commissioned batches with their logo curving right around the base of the mugs. Whilst a little more expensive, the effect is stunning and proving really popular as they've recently asked us to do some more for their Newquay branch.

Thanks to Fiona Carruthers for help compiling this blog post.

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