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Knives and chopping boards

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Knives and chopping boards

Lockdown has led many of us to do more cooking. Whether that's felt like a chore, or a fantastic creative opportunity, the experience can be even more enjoyable if you've got some special, personalised equipment!

Take a look at some of the items we have been able to customise on our laser cutters.

We love the effect we were able to achieve on this knife (main photo) from the Pareusi Blackline Nakiri range. The company commissioned this particular knife for the celebrated chef Paul Ainsworth, with whom they are currently working. The amazing artistic design was by Fat Punk Studio

Whilst we can't etch directly onto metal, we can mark it by first applying a compound to the surface and etching through that. 

Etching onto metal like this should last well. It may fade a little over time, but should stand up well to chopping and washing.

 We can also etch into chopping boards. We do lots as one-off items, as well as in bulk for retailers. Again, you can have as detailed or simple a design as you wish.

Laser etched chopping board

Both laser etched knives and boards make a great gift idea, especially for weddings (as above). We recommend that you source your own products and then ask us to etch them.

Cost will depend on the size and intricacy of the design. 

Laser cut chopping board for Viv Osbourne

Circular board by Viv Osborne

Hardwood chopping board with laser etched design

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