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Laser Cut Signs

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Laser cut block for Mahabis from Cut By Beam

A great sign can make a huge difference to the perception and branding of your business. And, of course, if it's a road sign, can also help people to actually find you!

We can laser cut and etch a bespoke sign for your office, shop, takeaway, restaurant, rented accommodation or own home. 

For outdoor signs, which might need to withstand the elements, we recommend using a hardwood, marine plywood, or something like slate, concrete or recycled acrylic. Wherever possible we recommend you choose something using sustainable materials. All our wood is responsibly sourced and we use recycled acrylic.

For internal signage the most cost effective option is something like birch plywood.

Our laser cutters can turn a blank piece of wood into a thing of beauty and can of course etch any design you give us. You don't have to stick with a square or rectangle, as illustrated by this sign we did for the art gallery North Coast Asylum. We first cut the shape, then painted and etched the wording. 

Here's another example of a wooden sign that we painted before etching for Homage to the Bovine. This time in blackboard paint so that the client can then use chalk to mark on it. 

Signs can be any size as long as they will fit on our machine beds; no wider than 1200mm on our largest laser cutter. We can, however, fit longer pieces through the front of the machine if you want something extra big. There is also the option of us etching two or more separate pieces of material and you joining them together on site.

Laser etched sign for cafe

We don't get involved in sign installation but can lasercut any necessary hanging holes as required. 

Sign at top of page for Mahabis

Sign above for AWNA 

Below for Big Sky Lodges



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