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Etching Metal

Posted by Celia Fraser on

Etching Metal

This summer we've taken delivery of a new machine and it's settling in nicely to our workshop at Argal Farm.

Which means we can etch on to even more metal items than we ever could before. Signs, knives, drinks bottles, hip flasks - whatever you need to produce for your business or personal use. Get them dropped off or delivered to us in Cornwall and we can get them back out to you, wherever you happen to be in the UK.

We wanted something a bit more environmentally friendly and efficient than the way we worked with metal in the past. Before we had this new kit we had to first spray a compound on to the surface of the object and etch through that.  But now we can bypass that stage of the process and etch direct on to products. Which is more efficient and time saving and has the added benefit of bringing costs down for you per item.

Our new metal marking laser kit opens up new processes including etching in colour.

Whilst we can't cut metal, we are able to etch on to almost every version of it, except tin. You're welcome to source your own blanks. Or we can help with that and recommend suppliers we've used in the past. 

The hip flask pictured above was one of a batch we did for a client this summer. We used one of those we sell in our webshop here. He sent through the design by Chris Sharp and we etched it on to the front. We think it's come out so well!

We're really excited to hear what you might have in mind for us to do with this machine. The finish is beautiful, crisp and should be hard-wearing for many years to come even when used on a daily basis such as with the knives we have done for our good friends at Pareusi (see image at top) or the metal cups you can see being made in the video on our Instagram feed here.

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